The OraVu DeVA-1 Dental Vision Assistant provides vision below the gumline during blind dental procedures like scaling and root planing (SRP). Ergonomically designed, it is the only available micro-endoscope with the ability to capture still and live video images for sharing with patients and associates.

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Our Mission

We aim to save lives through preventative care by providing the best minimally invasive vision tools, designed with both affordability and customer experience in mind. Our novel technologies (DeVA-1™, ViRSS™, and Xplorer™) and protocols (Visual-SRP℠) are transforming the dental industry away from painful surgeries and procedures toward modern minimally invasive outpatient procedures.

Our Customers

Patients with chronic periodontitis, in the past were subjected to painful flap surgery, requiring weeks to recover, complications, and difficulty eating. Now with the DeVA-1™ system using the Visual-SRP℠ protocol, there is a better, more humane way.

OraVu™ is committed to serving progressive dental clinicians, who choose to use minimally invasive, treatments for periodontal disease for their patients. Our flagship product line, the DeVA-1™ using the Visual-SRP℠ protocol, embodies this commitment while offering periodontal patients effective, non-surgical options to treating periodontal disease. To learn more click on the button below to register and contact us.

Our Products

The Dental Vision Assistant (DeVA-1™) uses state-of-the-art technology designed around the way you work. This micro-endoscope system leverages our Vision & Rinse Safety Sheaths (ViRSS™) coupled with our Dental Xplorer™ hand instrument. Combined they provide superior performance, resolution, and safety for minimally invasive, definitive non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease. To learn more click on the button below to register or contact us.