• High Definition Live Video Stream to “SEE” what you have been missing. Better resolution means better results.
  • Capture stillimages or record video. Show your patients before and after treatment to allow them to “SEE” the results.
  • Automatic exposure, gain, and white balancing allows you to focus on the procedure instead of brightness issues.
  • Teleconferencing remotely with a specialist allow practice to treat patents where they are. HIPPA compliant patient data cloud storage options are available.

The DeVA-1™ system is designed around the way you work. We started with the clinician and patient in mind, learned what the biggest pain points are, and engineered a completely new approach to dental micro-endoscopy. The DeVA-1™ uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a superior resolution live video that you can record or just grab a still frame while you work. The system creates easier workflow for the clinician by automatically handling most image adjustments along with digital zoom capabilities. This allows for pre-and post-treatment measurements, better communication with patients, and ability to store treatment progress.

In addition, the DeVA-1™ design minimizes its operatory footprint and is compatible with existing in-house water systems, so no more specialty tanks or extra water system maintenance. The Micro-Rinse™ system boosts water flow to quickly flush the treatment area with foot pedal control.

Two software options are available:

  • OpSS™ which has all of the features above utilizing your existent patient storage system.
  • eNCounter™ which includes a HIPPA compliant cloud storage system and telemedicine capabilities.

The touchscreen user interface allows never before functionality such as digital zoom, panning, drawing regions of interest, and onscreen annotations. Why settle for a dumb screen, when you can have a digital smart screen that responds to your needs. If you need a consult, no problem! The interface has a built-in camera and teleconferencing capabilities!

eNCounter™ is a registered trademark of GlobalMed, LLC.

Features and Benefits

System Includes:

  • Smart Tablet with eNcounter™ Software pre-installed (6 months free trial period)
  • 5 wheel SmartStand™ (Standard)
  • Portable SmartStand™ with Rugged TSA Roller Case (Optional)
  • Single high fidelity Fiberscope system with storage case
  • Complete Set of 6 Dental Xplorers™ designed around the way you work.
  • Starter ViRSS™ pack (5 sheaths) to protect patients and Fiberscope from contamination.
  • Y-adapter to connect with existing water system
  • Water system to sheath tubing
  • Designated Customer Service Representative
  • Annual maintenance contract (Optional Upgrade)
  • High Speed USB 3.0 Camera cable
  • Smart Li-ion Battery Charger system

The DeVA-1™ features:

  • Micro-Endoscope with MicroRinse™ system
  • Fully adjustable Smart Stand™
    • Portable and light weight Smart Stand™ available (< 35lbs)
  • Live HD digital color video with recording and still image capture
  • Custom High Intensity LED illumination system
  • Automatic exposure, gain, and white-balance
  • Rechargeable battery operated system
  • Smart Touch user interface (even with gloves!).
  • OpSS™ Software with video & image capture, auto-bright, auto-filter, and digital zoom (Option 1)
  • eNcounter™ software with teleconferencing and HIPPA compliant cloud storage (Option 2)