The DeVA-1™ is a state-of- the-art dental micro-endoscope with the MicroRinse™ Technology, Fiberscope, complete set of 6 Dental Xplorers, a 5 pack starter set of ViRSS™ sterile sheaths, and a SmartStand™. The DeVA-1 is the best medical device for performing Visual-Scaling and Root Planing (Visual-SRP) the definitive non-surgical periodontal therapy.  The portable system comes packed in a rugged, TSA roller case.

ViRSS™– (Vision & Rinse Safety Sheath) comes in sterile single use packaging Locks in place to avoid disengagement and water leaking on your patient Environmentally Sealed Window to Prevent Endoscope Contamination Backward compatible with Perioscopy systems



Dental Xplorer™

The Dental Xplorer™ is an ergonomically designed precision dental instrument that perfectly holds and aligns the ViRSS™ sheath for all your dental micro-endoscopy applications. The Xplorer™ is autoclavable, light, and designed to hold the sheath in place without damaging the fiberoptics. Having a relaxed, fitted design in your hand reduces cramping and fatigue during long procedures.